Royale High Halloween 2021 (Royalloween) is now available!

The new Royale High Halloween event for 2021 has been released into the game! There is a whole new map that can be explored called, Wickery Cliffs. You will find new clothing to purchase, as well as chests to unlock, and you can get yourself the new Pillowcase Candy Bag for 2021! The Candy Shop is also back, which will allow you to convert candy into diamonds. You can find all of the details from the update in the patch notes below!

You can get a bunch of free candy by checking out our Royale High Halloween Chest Locations guide! We also have a post on how to trick or treat, and how to get candy fast!

Royaleween Announcement Details

Royaleween is here, or rather, Wickery Cliffs !! As of right now, the update is only out in private servers and you get sent to this realm immediately when you join. Here’s some information highlighting the big portions of this update!

New Map

Candy Shop

New Chests

There are new chests hidden around the map! I will be making a guide for them a few hours after this announcement has been sent.

New Halloween Set

The new Halloween set is out in the shop! It is named “Goth Lolita” and it is on sale for candies. The prices in both currencies are listed here :

Keep in mind that you cannot convert diamonds to candies, I am just keeping the diamond equivalent there for value comparison.

Candy Items

There are 11 new items in the candy store apart from the Goth Lolita set, here are the prices for all of the new ones! I honestly can’t be bothered to compile an image with all of the new accessories so here’s a list with their prices.

Haunted Mansion

There’s also haunted mansion labeled with “Coming spookily soon…” 👀 Maybe it could be related to the possibility of this year’s maze?

All details are from the Royale High Discord!

That’s everything you need to know about the new Royaleween update for Royale High! Check out the Royale High section of our website for more details on the game.