Roblox Islands Pets & Lava Update

A new update has gone live for Roblox Islands on September 18th, 2021! This one brings some brand new pets for you to collect, spawn eggs for different bosses, lava that can be obtained with a bucket, new glass colors, and some more fun stuff! There were also some bug fixes that should correct some of the issues you might have been experienced with recent updates. You can find all of the details on the update in the patch notes below!

Pets & Lava Update Patch Notes

Many players have fought valiantly against the Infernal Dragon, but the Underworld is getting even more dangerous!

Beware of the lava pools!

On a brighter note: we’ve added seven new colours of glass to spruce up your island and the chance to return from a boss fight with a mini boss pet!

That’s everything we know about the Pets and Lava update for Roblox Islands. We have more coverage on the game in the Islands section of our website.