Project Star Controls List – Sprint, Dash, & More!

In a lot of Roblox anime themed games, you will find that they don’t always have the best tutorials. Unfortunately, that is the case with a Project Star. You might finding yourself wondering how exactly you can get around in the game, particularly how to run/sprint, and do other various operations. There are a lot of other controls in Project Star that you should be familiar with, so we’ll go through them all in this guide.

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Project Star Controls

CTRL is the more important key to know because it starts you sprinting. It is more of a toggle and you don’t need to hold it. If you tap it again you won’t stop running, but there’s no stamina in this game so it doesn’t really matter. To stop running, you just need to stand still.

The M key is good to know because it gives you access to all of the menu options:

That’s everything you need to know about the controls in Roblox Project Star. You will be able to find out all about the game in the Project Star section of our website.