How to get Paprika in New World (Locations & Recipes)

New World is the newly released MMO by Amazon Games Studios that will take you into the exploration of a fictional land that was is based off of the Americas. You will be looking to harvest resources, craft items, get control of settlements, complete quests, explore, PVP, or fight off monsters. As you head into this dangerous world, you will need to know how to get yourself some Paprika for cooking. We’ll show you how in this guide.

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Paprika Guide

To get Paprika in New World, you will need to gather Herbs from specific regions in the game. These areas are Brightwood, Monarch’s Bluff, and Shattered Mountain. When you gather Herbs in these locations, you have a chance to get Paprika with every bush. You can increase your chance by increasing your harvesting luck and skill levels.

The Herb bushes are fairly easy to spot due to the purple flowers, which you can see demonstrated below. After you gather a bush, it will respawn after about 10 – 15 minutes.

Monarch’s Bluffs is one of the starting areas that you could end up in when you create your character. You will not only find Paprika here, but you can also end up with Oregano. Credit to Map Genie for the map used below.

Brightwood and Shattered Mountain are either not well-traveled at the moment, or they don’t have many Herb spawns. Your best bet would be to stick with Monarch’s Bluffs.

Paprika is used in the following recipes:

That’s everything we know about getting Paprika in New World. You will find details on a lot more things about the game in the New World section of our website!