Fortnite Omega Knight Pack bundle and challenges have leaked

The Fortnite Omega Knight Pack has been leaked, and it will contain a skin along with a pickaxe and back bling combo item. The level up bundle concept was released previously with the Monarch skin, and it is meant as a way for players to not only pay for levels on their battle pass, but also get a skin as well. You can complete 28 different easy to finish quests that will get you a level each towards your pass!

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The Omega Knight Pack will include a variety of level up quests that you can complete. These just require you to head to certain locations and collect tokens. This pack not only gets you a skin, but an opportunity to gather quite a bit of XP so that you can level up your battle pass.

Completing certain amounts of the quests will also reward you with items and styles for the skin:

The challenges are very basic, and just require you to collect “Level Up Tokens” at a series of different locations. Each week a set of these challenges will unlock, with you receiving seven each week. Here are some of the challenges you’ll get:

Take a look at the cosmetics in the game with this showcase video:

The Omega Knight Level Up Bundle price is currently unknown at this time.