Fortnite is now available on Xbox Cloud Gaming

Looking to get into Fortnite? Now is your chance, as the game has just been made available on Xbox Cloud Gaming, opening up the experience to a large variety of new platforms it wasn’t previously available on. With Xbox Cloud Gaming, players can now pick up Fortnite on their iOS device, Android phone or tablet, or Windows PC through a web browser, in addition to all of the other platforms Fortnite is already available on.

For those who don’t know, Xbox Cloud Gaming is Microsoft’s take on the concept of a video game streaming service. As part of the Xbox Game Pass, players can use Cloud Gaming to access video games via a live-stream that uses another system’s specifications to run the game.

Microsoft’s goal with Xbox Cloud Gaming is make games more accessible for those who don’t have the machines to play them. The cloud allows players to play resource-intensive games from devices as simple as their phone or tablet. An example of one of Cloud Gaming’s successful launches is Microsoft Flight Simulator, which became available on the cloud on March 1st, and quickly became Cloud’s top played game. Players who otherwise wouldn’t have access to Flight Simulator’s demanding specifications were able to join in on their phones and tablets.

Cloud Gaming has recently become available in more places, too. Mexico, Japan, Australia, and Brazil are all new countries where players can now try out Game Passes’ streaming service. Demand for the service is clearly high, as the player count in Brazil overwhelmed Microsoft’s servers in the first week of the service’s launch in the country. The overwhelming support Microsoft seems to be getting promises that further advances in the tech and more titles will be coming to Cloud Gaming.