Anime Fighters Update 11 Log – Destiny Island!

Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator was taken down for an unknown reason, but thankfully for fans of the game it is back and ready to be played again. The relaunch of the game brings the new Update 11 patch, which adds a new island, fighters, and an increase to the level cap! There’s also Twitter Verification coming soon, which will allow you to get a free boost if you follow a Twitter account. We’re going to take a look at everything that has been added in this launch below.

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It is pretty clear that the game likely was taken down due to copyright concerns. The majority of the character models were changed, and look quite a bit different than they did previously.

Update 11 Log

Destiny Island has some armored enemies in the way! Travel over there to take them out! Need a boost? Check out the Twitter Verification in Super Island!

That’s everything you should know about Update 11 for Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator. You can find more details about the game in the Anime Fighters section of our website!