Alan Wake Remastered is coming to Nintendo Switch

Great news for switch owners; Alan Wake remastered is coming to the Nintendo Switch. The confirmation comes after months of rumors, fueled by Alan Wake receiving an ESRB rating for the Nintendo Switch, and was confirmed today during an Alan Wake anniversary celebration video.

During the video, Remedy’s creative director Sam Lake confirmed that the Alan Wake remake will be coming to the Nintendo Switch this fall.

To quote the video:

“We’re excited to announce that players will be able to visit Bright Falls on Nintendo Switch when Alan Wake Remastered launches for the platform this fall. The game will launch as a digital Nintendo Switch release only, and runs natively on the hardware. We’ll show more in the coming months, and we’re excited to share Alan Wake’s story with Nintendo fans for the first time.”

For those who don’t know, Alan Wake was a thriller-style action-adventure game by Remedy Entertainment. Originally released on the Xbox in 2010, Alan Wake has been coveted as a fan favorite game for the last 12 years, with requests for a sequel flooding the studio for the longest time. A remake means a whole new generation of fans are going to be introduced to Alan Wake, and get to experience the classic in new and improved graphics and sound.

Speaking of the sequel, Remedy refuses to share any news about Alan Wake 2 this summer. According to them, this was done to ensure that the first look we get at the game is of the highest possible quality, so we may have to wait a while before we hear anything from the studio.

In addition to all this news, the Anniversary video reveals that AMC has bought the rights to an Alan Wake TV series, meaning we have something else to look forward to in the future.