Aim Lab August 28th Patch Notes (0.94.9 Update)

A new update has just gone live for Aim Lab on August 28th, 2021 and we’ve got the patch notes for it! This update brings a lobby overhaul to the game, which will give everything a clean look when you’re figuring out what you aim practice you want to engage in. If you’re a creator, then you now have access to player waypoints, which will help move players around the map more easily. There’s some additional update and bug fixes as well, which you can find in the patch notes below!

Aim Lab 0.94.9 Patch Notes

Lucky you! We’ve got a big release this week packed full of updates, pesky bugs that have been squashed, and a brand new challenge including prizes to be won PLUS an updated look to our lobby 🥳 keep reading to find more.

Predator ENVY Challenge

In an epic collaboration with Predator, Intel, and ENVY, we’ve got a brand new contest for you, and your skills could bag you some insane prizes including a Predator Gaming laptop and an ENVY swag box! The contest runs from August 27th – September 3rd. The challenge is featured around the task Multishot Ultimate, so keep practicing and get ready to top the leaderboard!

The contest is open globally, good luck to everyone that enters. Rules for the contest can be found here:

Lobby Overhaul!

Our designers have spiced up the lobby to give a cleaner look and we’ve implemented a new sliding nav menu giving access to tasks, playlists, workshop, and a random task button (You never know what you’ll get!). We also added controls for our news feed, so you will no longer need to wait while the news rotates.

Creator Studio: Player waypoints

Lovers of Creator Studio have been asking for player waypoints to help replicate on-rails style shooters or player movement on the zipline. Setting down the player waypoints and connecting them will now automatically move the player to each of the points connected. We’re looking forward to seeing what gets build using this feature from you!

More Updates

Bug Fixes

We might as well have a task full of bugs to shoot, since that’s what we’ve been doing this patch.

Core Aim Lab

Creator Studio

Happy training!

If you aren’t already following us, check out @aimlab on Twitter & Instagram for more awesome events, memes, and training tips. Don’t forget you can report any bugs in-game and join us on Discord to let us know of any feature requests you have or to just come and hang out with the community & our devs!


Those are all of the bug fixes, changes, and various updates made in the August 28th patch for Aim Lab! If you’re curious about other updates for a variety of games, be sure to check out the Patch Notes section of our website.